Life is unfair and scary and hard and confusing and painful and fleeting and amazing and connecting and fun and wonderful and beautiful.

If there is one thing to learn from our own mortality, it’s how important it is to live sincerely. Join us in the Live Sincerely Project to think about, discuss and do those things which make this crazy, messy, awesome life worth living.

Recent posts

The should-have-beens and the what-is

Whether we are ready or not, life continues and time marches on. We all have to adjust to new normals, even when we don’t think we can. Read more

The ever-widening ache

So I will breathe in and try to believe: Today we ache. Tomorrow we remember our ache, so when we see it in others we do not shut our eyes to their pain. Read more

2 years: A snapshot of grief

What 2 years of grieving have looked, sounded and felt like. Grieving is hard work, ya’ll. Read more

Sacred Spaces (Goodbye, Grandma)

The dying participate in their own death, and by supporting them while they do it, we participate too – their end weaving into our middle. Read more

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