Aug 12, 2007

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Posted Aug 12, 2007 7:52pm

Last one! Reading a magazine to pass the time of my final chemo!

No more chemo! I’m all done!! It’s crazy to think that it’s been 20 weeks since the first one, but it is a good feeling to be finished. :)

Some sneaky people decorated our car to celebrate the last drive home from chemo. :)

It’s here…as promised…the T-shirt design! The image is now as one of the photos, so take a look. Get your orders in now so you can have it for race day. The cost should be about $6 or $7 dollars I think. Jenni is handling the ordering, so she is the one to give your name and T-shirt size to, but of course let me know too if you are coming to the race so we can make sure everyone gets the plan for meeting up. :) 4 weeks to get in shape!

P.S. I added some other photos too.

Me at the cancer center where all my chemo treatments have been.

A "Purle Heart Award" all the nurses signed and gave to me as a parting gift.

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