last surgery?! (Oct 4, 2008)

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Posted Oct 4, 2008 1:32pm

the whole family at my "Pink Party"

hi all! so i’m pretty excited that in a couple weeks, i will hopefully have my last surgery in the near future. :) i’m going in this time just for some modifications to my reconstruction surgery, for “the icing on the cake” as jessica put it! and as my surgeon said, she got me 99% of the way the first time, and now is the time to do some “cleaning up and finishing off”!

and a few other things that happened since my last update:

~ me & billy went to disneyworld! it was my first time and billy was super excited to go, and we both had a great time. it was during hurricane season, but we didn’t get too wet. :)

~ i became a god-mamma! jess and jason had us over for max’s baptism and it was super fun! (anything with max is fun!)

~ billy got mario cart for his wii. let’s just say he doesn’t (yet!) fare well against his international online buddies from japan. (they are freakishly good!)

that’s about it! be sure to check out the pics — there’s some new ones! :)

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