i’m famous!…part 2 (Dec 17, 2008)

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Posted Dec 17, 2008 11:20pm

so, i’ve talked it about before, but there have been some exciting developments with the documentary of the scar project. :) patty, the producer that filmed and interviewed me & christina when we were in new york, sent me a link to the video promo that they are shopping around to networks.

i’m proud and almost relieved that patty is doing this film. there are so many emotions and thoughts that i have experienced throughout my ordeal that I want to share but don’t really know how. but i think patty is portraying it perfectly. there is something very powerful about seeing the footage of the photograph sessions, as well as realizing that there are so many other young women living with breast cancer. it’s exciting to watch it and see some of the back stories of the other girls in the photographs. i hope that viewers can have an open mind about a topic that is otherwise taboo, and maybe gain some insight into the reality of breast cancer.

happy holidays!!

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