May 11, 2011

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Posted May 11, 2011 12:09am

Hi team! I am seriously failing in posting updates. :) My last post was 5 months ago. Really? Oh well, here’s the latest:

Keeping very busy with all sorts of stuff! Christina and her band, Yearbook Committee, played at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX in March, so me & Billy went down to Austin for a few days. It was really fun, and we got to go to all sorts of music gigs (thanks to our all access pass as YbC’s “crew”!) Then a few weeks after that, we went to Riviera Maya, Mexico (near Cancun) with Jess, Jason, Christina & David. A week of sun, beach, relaxing, shopping, siteseeing, and sister & brother-in-law bonding…just what the doctor ordered! If you want to see lots of pics from Mexico (and I mean LOTS), go here: {deleted}

Oh, and somewhere in there, me & Billy went to Ohio State University Hospital to get a second opinion and take advantage of the knowledge/opportunities of a larger facility. It was a good trip (thanks to Karen & Andy for letting us stay at their place!) and was nice to hear confirmation that we are on track and doing what we should be. The OSU doctor had all my tissue samples and tumor slides sent there so they could all be examined at the same time and to verify that my more recent spots/flare-ups (well, not so recent anymore) were in fact breast cancer that had metastisized, and not more primary spots of new cancer. So she confirmed that everything on my lip and scalp (from December) was the same as my original breast cancer. This means we stay the course and I continue to take my anti-hormone pills daily and get my monthly bone strengthener treatment. The OSU doctor also suggested we speak with the genetic counselor again, because there may be some advancements of the tests we did 4 years ago. She thought it might be a good idea to check in with them again, so we will do that soon.

Recently I became part of the planning committee working to bring The SCAR Project exhibit to Cincinnati, so it looks like it will be here September 29 – October 2. This is very exciting and can’t wait for you all to check it out. (I’m the only Cincy girl in the exhibit, so am one of the poster girls…yikes! Hello World!) Right now we are working on raising money and figuring out all the details, so stay tuned! Main hub of SCAR Project Cincy info:

Also, lots more has happened with the documentary I was filmed for. The producer has finally secured some financial support from the Style Network, so she has had to adapt it for a TV episode instead of a film. It will highlight the stories of 4 of the girls photographed for The SCAR Project and dive a little deeper into their stories, and I was one of the 4 picked by Style. The producer was actually in town last weekend filming me, Billy, the boys, and mom & dad! She is thinking it probably won’t air til the fall, so I will let you know when I hear more!

Right now I am feeling pretty good and just trying to stay busy. I am still babysitting Max & Myles (and soon to be new Baby Yaeger!) so that keeps me on my toes. :)

Happy belated Mothers Day to all the moms out there, to those who would be moms if they could, and to all the women sharing maternal instincts with the kiddies in their lives (even if they aren’t theirs)! As a friend just told me: Cancer may take the eggs, but it can’t take the nest. Love can find a way. :)

I hope everyone is doing well!


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