Happy Birthday, Vanessa

You’re still making a difference, sweet sister.

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October 15 is Vanessa’s birthday. She would be 34 today.

Last year, on the first “birthday” that Vanessa didn’t get, Christina and I tried to channel what Vanessa would appreciate us doing as we thought about what we wanted to do to mark the day. We realized that our sweet middle sister, ever-impatient with too many words and utterly annoyed at too much moping, would likely have been most touched by bold actions taken, especially those that made life better for someone.

Thus we came up with the idea of doing Random Epic Acts of Living Sincerely, abbreviated just for fun as REALS. (And “epic” in this case relates to the sincerity, not the size, of the action!)


It would mean a lot to us if you’d like to join us in honoring Vanessa in this way. :) If you do some REALS, we’d love to hear back how you (and Vanessa by proxy) made the world a little bit better today!

Here is the card we are handing out with our random goodness today (and click here to print out a sheet of your own!):


If you haven’t taken the Live Sincerely Pledge yet – today would also be a great day to add your name there or share the pledge with your friends. :)

Happy birthday, Vanessa. We miss you every single day. But we are so proud of you that you’re still making a difference in this messy, hard, connecting, lovely world!

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