May 25, 2007

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Posted May 25, 2007 9:10pm

So today I started my Taxol treatment. I will get it every Friday for 12 weeks. It will take only about 1 and a half or 2 hours each time. The side effects aren’t as bad, and I don’t need all the anti-nausea medicines I needed for the adriamiacyn and cytoxan which is good. The side effects of taxol are like allergies (itchy watery eyes and scratchy throat) so they gave me benadryl as part of my pre-meds before the taxol which made me very sleepy. So far that has been the only thing I’ve noticed. Other than that I’m feeling great!

I talked with Dr. Abello briefly about the surgery options. It will probably be in September sometime after chemo is all over with. I have an appointment in July to meet with Dr. Sillins who will help Dr. Abello with the reconstruction. There’s lots to still learn about all the surgeries, so I am gathering info and learning up! Soon enough I’ll be a pro!!

Dad finished installing our new air conditioner at home, so he gets the kudos this time! Thanks to Dad I’ve been surviving this crazy heat! But really, it was great of him to do it for us, so THANKS DAD!

And thanks to all of you for your support and prayers! :)

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