Jun 10, 2007

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Posted Jun 10, 2007 11:04am

So Friday was taxol #3 and it went great! Jess went with me this time, and she got to be my “designated driver”. The nurse said between all the benadryl and the alcohol-based taxol, this chemo is like having too much to drink. So that explains my crazy behavior afterward! (The nurse said I must be a lightweight!) :)

I didn’t have to see Dr. Brennan beforehand this time since I am going every week for chemo. He said we can go on “auto-pilot” and just meet with him every other week. So it went a little quicker this time and we could get in and get out with no problem.

We figured out that I am past the halfway point for my chemo!! I’ve had 7 treatments lasting 11 weeks, and I have only 9 more weekly doses left. It’s good to reach a point like that. :)

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