Jul 30, 2007

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Posted Jul 30, 2007 9:57pm

So I’m almost finished with chemo! Just 2 more treatments left. I can’t wait to be able to check it off!

Also, I have learned that my after-chemo plan is going to be a little different than what we thought. I will now have 2 surgeries instead of one big one, and the radiation will be between the two surgeries. The tentative date for the first surgery is August 30.

The recovery after surgery shouldn’t be too major, so I am still planning on walking in the Race for the Cure on September 9. In fact, I just finished registering me & Billy for the non-competitive 5K walk! I’m getting excited since so many people seem to be interested in coming along! I think it will be lots of fun, so the more the merrier. As far as registering, the best way to do it is register as an individual (as opposed to a team) and we will have more detailed plans later on for meeting places, etc. You can go to www.komencincinnati.org and click on the Race for the Cure link on the right to register.

The other thing that should be fun for the walk is we are making T-shirts! You get a race T-shirt if you register for the race, but for those of you who can’t make the race, or who can and want to sport some super-cool race gear, we are going to get some printed. As soon as we have the design nailed down, I can add it as a photo to the care page for you all to get excited about…so keep an eye out for it! :)

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