Feb 2, 2008

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Posted Feb 2, 2008 10:07am

I have good news! I had a CT scan on Tuesday and met with the doctor on Friday to get the results. He said nothing was showing up on the scan! So that means I’m in the clear for now. He also said the chance of the cancer coming back usually happens within 5 years, so I’m not rejoicing completely right now, but I’ll take it!! The weird thing that the scan DID show was that I have a 9mm cyst on my thyroid. Dr. Brennan said it’s totally unrelated to the breast cancer, and wants me to get an ultrasound of it, just to see if it poses any immediate concerns. He didn’t seem too worried about it though, so I’m sure it’s nothing to be worried about. It’s weird though because you can kinda feel it if you touch my throat…it’s like i swallowed a 9mm bullet! :)

So that’s my good news for now! We are still on track to have do my surgery on the 15th of February. Right now we are just kinda cleaning up our house, since I will be out of commission for awhile, and not to mention it’s not too fun to recuperate in a messy house!

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