Jul 8, 2011

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{NOTE: This was originally published on Vanessa’s CarePage. We are copying all those posts here to have her story in one place that all can access. We are back-dating the posts to match when she originally published the post there, and are marking the blog post here with Vanessa as the author, as these words that follow are her own.}

Posted Jul 8, 2011 11:20pm

Hi team! Don’t forget about The SCAR Project documentary airing tomorrow (Sat, July 9th) on the Style Network at 9pm. Here is a link about a review from the New York Daily News: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/2011/07/04/2011-07-04_baring_it_all_documentary_reveals_intimate_portrayal_of_women_affected_by_breast.html

The Style Network channel has a few clips from the documentary already up online here: http://www.mystyle.com/mystyle/videos/v166944_style-exposed-baring-it-all.html

And yes! That IS in fact Christina’s song playing on the clip! I am so proud her music is part of everything. 2 of her songs are also in the documentary!

Here’s another clip of Marcy’s story…she is a fabulous girl: http://www.mystyle.com/mystyle/videos/v166943_style-exposed-marcys-cancer-scare.html

For those who can’t watch it or want it later, there will be a dvd available on Amazon here (right now it says “unavailable” but in a week or two, they will be available from the producer): book

Also, the SCAR Project website has been updated, so check it out: http://www.thescarproject.org/

And a good update from my PET scan a few weeks ago: no new spots! So right now everything is remaining stable and the plan is to continue on with current treatment.

Have a good weekend!

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