Live Sincerely! (Jun 6, 2012)

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Posted Jun 6, 2012 9:11pm

OK, friends and family, I think you all know that my long term motto has been “Live Sincerely” (in fact, I have it tattooed on my ankle), so I really mean it! I have been getting through my brain radiation a few weeks ago, and am feeling pretty good right about now. I had some hard times with headaches and vomiting but am feeling much better now… had to take steroids due to my brain radiation making my brain swell, the steroids ended up causing me to get a bad skin rash :(

And my MRI I just took was inconclusive and didn’t verify what is going on, so I need to take another one in a few weeks. Which sucks because the MRI was so loud! I had headphones that played the radio, but it was not near loud enough to block out the MRI pounding sounds!

I am so excited my Live Sincerely Get-Together was so awesome over the past weekend! Thanks for everyone who stopped by to enjoy it with me! It was officially my Live Sincerely Get Together party down on the Purple People bridge between Newport and Cincinnati!

Even though the event is over, we have a more generic site that will show more of the photobooth pics: “” I’m glad you all got pics taken…its like a photo guest book for me. :)

You wanna make sure you get there because there will be a photographer taking free photo booth pics of you all! Also, Christina’s band: Yearbook Committee ( was be there performing from the bridge! They are awesome to listen to as a live performance! I know you loved them! Didn’t you?

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