Assignment #2: Introduce yourself!

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Your next Live Sincerely Project assignment: Make a sign that says “Live Sincerely”, and take a picture of yourself holding it. You can submit your photo at the bottom of this post.

Let’s, right off the bat, make this thing personal and visual, so we can see the faces of those walking the road alongside us. The sign can be as simple as your handwriting in sharpie on a piece of binder paper, or as fancy as you’d like – totally up to you!

Note: If you’d rather stay “anonymous” all Clark-Kent-like, but still want to participate, just get creative in concealing your identity in your photo (hiding behind your sign, wearing a disguise, etc.)…

Extra credit ideas:

  • Fancy sign: Make a big sign or a colorful sign, use interesting materials, or add glitter/photos/seashells/whatever!
  • Location location location: Go one step up from a headshot of you from your webcam – have a friend help or use a self-timer to take a pic of you holding your sign outside, or at a place that inspires you, or with a big group.
  • Hang it up: When you are done taking your pic, hang your sign up to remind you of your pledge to live sincerely each day.


  1. Vanessa says:

    I like all the pics! Mine is from Carolina Liar at Riverbend. They let me take this pic with them and then all gave me hugs! :)

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