Mar 26, 2007

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{NOTE: This was originally published on Vanessa’s CarePage. We are copying all those posts here to have her story in one place that all can access. We are back-dating the posts to match when she originally published the post there, and marking the blog post here with Vanessa as the author as these words that follow are her own.}

So, I had a fairly calm weekend…except for my rash. I apparently am allergic to the iodine scrub they prepped me with for my last Monday surgery. I broke out like crazy but I got a steroid shot in my butt this afternoon, so hopefully it will clear up soon. :)

Wednesday we go to see the genetic counselor to see if I carry the BRCA gene. No idea what this all involves, but I think it will be interesting to see what all they can find out.

Right now it looks like I will start chemo on Friday. We are still working out the scheduling, but it will probably be the end of this week. Hopefully it won’t be any big deal, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I’ve been getting LOTS of cards and care packages, all of which have been great! Thank you so much!!

P.S…next time you see Billy, give him a big hug because he has been WONDERFUL! He has been my secretary, nurse, maid, doorman, scheduler, note-taker, and just about everything else too! But seriously, he has been a BIG help, and deserves some love too! :)

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