Mar 28, 2007

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{NOTE: This was originally published on Vanessa’s CarePage. We are copying all those posts here to have her story in one place that all can access. We are back-dating the posts to match when she originally published the post there, and marking the blog post here with Vanessa as the author as these words that follow are her own.}

wow…so many messages from you all! thanks for all the tips and little notes. it’s like getting mail at all hours of the day! i enjoy reading all of them. :)

we went to see the genetic counselor today and it was pretty neat. i never really knew they could tell so much from a simple blood test. i should know my results in a month or so, but we have time so that’s good. she drew up a very complex family tree of all the past cancer in the family history, so she thinks there is a strong chance i have the BRCA gene, but we will see.

other than that, me and jess are gonna look at wigs tomorrow, so that should be fun(?)! i might end up a blonde…who knows! :) i’m curious to see how this fake hair stuff works! can you still have a bad hair day with a wig?? guess that’s what the hats and headwraps are for!

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