Apr 7, 2007

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Happy Easter (a day early)!!

So I have good news to report…I got my results from my Monday CAT scan, and no “extra” spots showed up! Which means Dr. Brennan has a rather definite idea of what we are up against. I got a little freaked out though during the test, because the dye they inject has some sort of iodine in it. Since I reacted so badly to the iodine scrub a few weeks ago, I was super paranoid that I would have another allergic reaction. When I asked the nurse what would happen, she told me difficulty breathing or that I would break out into hives instantly…!! Yikes! Needless to say, that got me more worried, but thankfully I finished the scan without too much trouble!

Other than that, things have been kinda quiet. Overall I’m feeling pretty good and just gearing up for chemo #2 next Friday. :)

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