Sep 4, 2007

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Posted Sep 4, 2007 11:31pm

so it’s been awhile since i last posted…and lots has happened!

I had my masectomy surgery last thursday and stayed that night in the hospital. i had to keep getting morphine shots for pain, but by friday i was feeling lots better, so it was good i stayed there for the night. i spent the long holiday weekend at home taking it easy and taking lots of naps. billy, my mom, and sisters got good at being on “vanessa duty” so i could recover quite leisurely. boredom set in really fast, so i was happy to get out a couple times to take walks and for some much needed retail therapy! :)

i’m still looking forward to walking this weekend in the Race for the Cure, so i think by then i will be in good condition. (speaking of the race…plans are being set for meeting places, etc. so we will be sure to pass them along to all of you who will be walking!)

this thursday i have a post-surgery follow-up appointment when we learn all about the pathology of the tumor and find out if the surgery was successful and if all the margins were clear. if all went well with the surgery, i should still be on track for radiation to start in a couple weeks.

i want to say a big “thank you” to everyone who sent flowers, called billy to check on me, and sent me get well wishes…THANK YOU! i know i am so blessed to have so much support!! :)

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