Sep 10, 2007

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Posted Sep 10, 2007 10:48pm

Team Vanilly!!

My sisters Christina & Jessica, me, Jason, and Mom.

Way to go Team Vanilly! The Race for the Cure was a lot of fun and we didn’t get too wet. I think 3 miles was just long enough, since everyone seemed pretty tired at the end. :) Thanks to everyone who came out for it!! (I posted some pics so take a look.)

I got my pathology results last Thursday and they weren’t the best…The margins of what Dr. Abello removed were not clear, so that means she will have to remove more at the time of my second surgey. Also, she took out 9 lymph nodes and there was cancer present in 5. That’s really all we know right now, but we meet with Dr. Abello again this Thursday, as well as Dr. Brennan to discuss future plans. We were obviously hoping for better results, but heck, it’s nothing I can’t handle!! :)

Billy "warming up" for the walk...(I swear he made me post these pics!)

Seriously, you should thank me for cropping out some unwanted visuals (use your imagination!) :)

Me & Amy

Matt & Amy

Me and the Misenhelder girls...can you tell they are sisters??!!

Part of Team Vanilly

More of Team Vanilly

Me & Jenni

Amy & Tom

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