Sep 23, 2007

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{NOTE: This was originally published on Vanessa’s CarePage. We are copying all those posts here to have her story in one place that all can access. We are back-dating the posts to match when she originally published the post there, and are marking the blog post here with Vanessa as the author, as these words that follow are her own.}

Posted Sep 23, 2007 10:11pm

It’s been a while, so here’s the update: I met with the radiation doctor last week and got marked and measured so I can start radiation in a week or so. I also have to take a chemo pill for 18 weeks which I will have to stop taking during the radiation. Dr. Brennan wants to hold off on my second surgery until after I am finished with the chemo pills, so it won’t be as soon as we thought. I also met with a physical therapist who specializes in lymphadema. Because I had lymph nodes removed in my last surgery, I have to be cautious about my arm from now on. The therapist was great and gave me lots of exercises and stretches.

Well, that’s it for now! Happy Fall!!

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