Dec 6, 2011

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Posted Dec 6, 2011 8:09pm

Hello friends! My last post was 2 months ago, so I apologize for not posting more often. Truth is, the last 2 months had been pretty crappy. I started my treatment of Methotrexate using my Ommaya Reservoir (port in my brain) and it really took a toll on me. Major fatigue, major nausea, major vomiting, major depression….just all around not good.

And I had to do this treatment every week, so needless to say, I DID NOT feel good. At the same time, I also started an anti-hormone treatment (Faslodex), which entailed 2 (very large and painful) shots in my butt. The medicine is really thick like glue, so the shot can’t be quick and it just kinda stays where they put it. You literally can feel a knot afterwards, but luckily a heating pad helps.

Anyway, I’m down to just getting everything once a month. So when I go in I get poked in my head, poked in my butt twice, and poked in my port (for my bone strengthener which I have been getting for a long time). It’s not fun, but at least it’s all done at once!

My hair has yet to grow back which isn’t good news for winter. But my nausea and vomiting have seemed to have gotten better. I still get really fatigued most days though.

Billy & I had the chance to go to Toronto in November, where they were screening “Baring It All” at a film festival called Breast Fest. They showed other films about breast cancer and had some speaker panels, so it was neat to have been a part of it. They even pulled me & Billy up on stage with the photographer and producer after our film showed to answer questions. I think we blabbed our way through it good enough!

While we were in Toronto, I got my picture taken by David Jay again for the SCAR Project. Actually me AND Billy did together. David’s vision was to not just show me as a breast cancer survivor by myself, but to also show the very important person in my journey. I am pleased with the final picture and see nothing but love, support and devotion. . You can see the pic in the SCAR Project image gallery on the website:

Speaking of Billy, he puts up with so much he shouldn’t have to and does it without question. There are days where I’m sure things are more difficult and stressful for him than for me. He wears a lot of hats around here. So, I know everyone is always asking how they can help me out, but I think Billy would benefit the most. And he is much less stubborn than me and would probably accept and gladly welcome any offered help…just sayin’. :)

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