Mar 13, 2012

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Posted Mar 13, 2012 5:23pm

Hello again friends and family! So Thursday, March 15 will be my 5-year cancer anniversary, but unfortunately I will never be able to celebrate the coveted “5-year cancer free celebration” (the typical time period where if you make it 5 yrs you are in the clear). My original breast cancer has spread to pretty much everywhere over the years; mainly almost every bone in my body, my lungs, my lymph nodes, and my brain lining. AND as of my MRI last week, I now have it in my actual brain. I was having unusual and unbearable headaches, I went to my oncologist yesterday who confirmed that the MRI showed that it has spread to my brain too. And weirdly enough, because of the blood/brain barrier, the brain tumor simply did not transfer from my brain lining right into my brain, so therefore my head port will not be helpful in administering chemo, so my best option is more radiation to my head. I visited the radiologist this afternoon to get a better idea of what needs to happen. Basically I needful brain radiation at this point.

I am super bummed and not thrilled about any of this. My hair is finally starting to grow in from my last radiation so I have to look forward to it all falling out again. And actual brain cancer scares the crap out of me. Just seems like the brain controls everything so if it is compromised, who knows what will ultimately happen in the future… But I have decided to spend my time with the people I love and create some “big” moments to look forward to:

– First of all, i will go to Austin, TX at the end of the week and support Christina and Yearbook Committee at the South by Southwest music festival (so proud of her!)
– My entire family is scheduled to go camping over memorial day weekend
– I will soon be a Godmother again
– Me & Billy plan to travel to The SCAR Project in Washington, DC in October
– I want to plan a “Live Sincerely” party (stay tuned!)

Keep in touch for more info and details about all my junk going on right now. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but I know most of you want to be updated with everything. And I appreciate all the love and support!

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