Pledges update (2 months)

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Now with 2 months of the pledge being online, we are up to over 700 PLEDGES! My first update post was excited at having 70, so we’ve repeated that amount 10 times over again. :)

I can’t even express my happiness at knowing this many people, from this many places, have read our little pledge and are joining us in living this way. We WILL make a better world, and find our way in it, together. Thank you, all, and welcome to the project! Check out all the lovely entries for Assignment #2, with more added all the time, and we invite you to contribute yours if you haven’t yet. We’re working on project assignment #3 now, so stay tuned!

Take a look at that blanketed USA! Anyone have friends they could spread the world to in Montana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Alaska, or Hawaii? With pledges in those states we’d have some from all 50. :)


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